This is where it all started. After seeing a homemade CNC years ago I was sitting at my desk job on lunch when I started to sketch this design. After drawing something that looked remotely like the images below, I turned to my then office mate and showed him the sketch. “I’m going to make this”, his response was, “what the heck is that?”.

The entire table was scratch built from steel tubing, plate and angle, including the Z axis.  I did not want to go crazy buying expensive linear rails if it turned out I wasn’t able to get it working. Skate bearings were used and an acme 1/2″ threaded rod for the Z. I’ll put the details from what I remember below the side-show, I doubt anyone would want to mimic this design but I figured I’d show where I started.

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Parts List:

HobbyCNC Pro Chopper Board with 205oz motors –

1/2″ Acme lead screw with dual nuts ––10-x-36-Acme-Lead-Screw-1-2983-50-3.axd

Chain Sprockets and #9 Chain –


Unavailable – I did not keep any details on the measurement of this table and it was passed on to its new owner years ago.