After completing the first table, the intention was to start down the plasma path. Still being hesitant of purchasing a bunch of plasma related items without knowing if I could get them all to work together, I decided to stick with a router table to start and then move to plasma when the machine was up and running.

A few things to note about the table. I cut the X axis rails down to 8ft exactly. Not sure why I decided to do this but it ensured I could never get 8ft of travel out of the table. Going back I would have left them at nine or ten feet to get 8ft of travel. With standard gear rack coming from Mcmaster at 6ft, I kept the X axis travel to 6ft for the time being. The other thing was choosing the IVTAAG rail for the gantry beam Y axis. The IVTAAG rail may be good for plasma cutting, it simply has too much flex at a long span to be good for routing. To do this over again I would have went with a plain steel tube gantry or some other form of beam; live and learn.

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Parts List:

Plasmabot Hybrid gantry kit for 3″x2″ Tubing (No Longer Available)

IVTAAG Aluminum Extrusion with Integrated V rails –

Table Dimensions