Parts List


PBX-RF Breakout Board –

Probo-step drivers (No longer available) –

Probotix Relay Board –

HobbyCNC 305oz motors –


Proma THC 150

Ebay HD carriages from Cutmetals

Z Axis 4.75” from Microcarve

Ebay 500′ 18/4 wire

Solid State Relay Heat Sink

(3) 18×50 drag Chain

EZM Black mount for keyboard/monitor

4”x12” 3/8 Aluminum Plate (2) Touch and Go

Tubing end caps (10)

Everlast Powerplasma 60s


Two 6′ 20 degree gear racks

Three 15 tooth 20 degree spur gears

Four Bronze bushings for gears (one extra in case)

VHB Tape 1/2” width, 5 yards .09” thick

1 1/4” shaft collar with wrench flats

Northern Tool

Ironton Pump

Two Pair of Hobart glasses – Orange

Northern tool steel casters

New Egg:

Computer case

Power Supply

3 twin 9pin connector brackets

25 pin din bracket

Extra cooling fan

Case screws and stand-offs

Switched male plug


Extension Cord, Screws

Motor and misc bolts

Water pan drain items

5 Cans Bedliner, 1 can grill paint, 1/4-20 Bolts

Weather Strip Foam and Two Worm Gear Clamps


The carrier company 30 gallon black drum

Solid state relay from automation direct AD-SSR6T40-DC-280A

Del City Fuse block and fuses

Recertified PC from Craigslist

Amazon – Ten-High Linear Rail

Amazon Order for Water pan fill – Hose, fittings, check valve

Parts Express

9pin dsub connectors male and female

Forked Terminals

Loom and zip tie mounts

Joe Fazzios Steel

First run – 12 box tubing, 1 flat bar, 1 extruded

Second Run – Water Pan –

  • 4x8x18ga sheet (1)
  • 1/8x4x10′ (2)
  • 1/8x3x10′ (7)
  • 1”x1”x12’x16ga Box (1)
  • 2.5” x 3/16” Angle (1)

Tractor Supply

Bag of bolts