This table came about after a handful of Youtubers were asking about budget builds, belt drive, etc. Originally the table was going to use V bearings for linear motion but my rail concept did not work as planned. These knockoff hiwin style linear guides were just about $300 for all 4 with blocks. I ditched rack and pinion in favor of cheaper belts, skipped the water holding tank/pump for only a drain and scored a Harbor Freight Plasma cutter for $260 off ebay. The entire build was about $2500 give or take. After the machine was working it was passed off on craigslist so I could get started on the 4×4.

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Parts List:

Recertified PC from Craigslist – Dell Optiplex 780

Northern tool 3″ casters and one pair Hobart Glasses

Rii i8 Mini Wireless Keyboard

Estop Button – $10

Mini Linear Guide for TNG, Ebay Special

1/2″ Timing belt –

XL Timing Pulley –

Chicago Electric Used Plasma Cutter

Joe Fazzio Steel for Water pan and Misc  – 2×2 11ga steel box tubig was left over from another build

25 x 77 x 1000 mm drag chain (3) – Ebay

Proma THC – Ebay

Linear Guides –

6U Server Cabinet – Ebay

McMaster Collar – Will hold PT40 and PT60 hand torches –

OpenBuilds Z axis 250mm –

Kelling Kit 425oz –


Unavailable as I did not keep any records of this. Much of the machine was put together off the cuff.