Going to try to get this updated more frequently since the latest build is pretty much complete. New updates today below.

  • Added limit and signal explanation to FAQ
  • Added code enhancement sections to projects. THC disable, Rapid to Cut Height, Ohmic Sensing
  • Added AVTHC explanation in FAQs
  • Added cheap THC to the projects section – Outlined the intended design and the hopes to achieve AVTHC at a fraction of what it has cost me in the past.
  • Added explanation of code implemented to disable THC


  1. Am I reading correctly that you have made some changes to your new 4 X 4 Plasma table? I am preparing my research on parts from you list. I located almost all items within your list; however I think I saw an Instagram post stating you were going to get make a change that would not require the c10 breakout boards, PriceCNC THC and/or drivers. It also looked like you were on a new build. I say new aluminum rails with side mounted guide rails. I am very impressed with all of your videos and work but don’t want to start until you have completed your changes. Using Aluminum Extrusions would really be a lot easier for me since I don’t have a means of cutting until a table is completed. The last video post I saw discussed problems with Estops after installing the proximity sensors. Thank you for everything you are doing to share and even more thank you for considering a reply.

    Crag 10/14/18

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    1. Craig,
      I am building a new 4×4 table at the moment with a new design style and a new route for the electronics. However my existing table as listed out on the site and on youtube is still running as noted and working great. As for cutting, I built the original 4×4 without a cnc plasma table so it can be done by hand. The idea of the new table was to test out a mesa 7i96 ethernet board to replace the c10 breakout boards and then a mesa THCADAD10 board to serve as the THC for the machine. Both of these, especially the Mesa THC board will take quite a bit of linuxcnc edits for me to get working, The C10 boards will work pretty easily with either linuxcnc or Mach based control programs.

      My issue with the proximity sensors turned out to be me commenting out a noise filter in the linuxcnc logic without realizing it. In addition, the cheap proximity sensors were getting noise introduced on the signal wires from the plasma. So the solution for me was to only use these for homing and then use software boundaries for the limits. Once homed, the machine knew it only had so much travel and would never exceed the table limits.


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