8/25 Update


Going to try to get this updated more frequently since the latest build is pretty much complete. New updates today below.

  • Added limit and signal explanation to FAQ
  • Added code enhancement sections to projects. THC disable, Rapid to Cut Height, Ohmic Sensing
  • Added AVTHC explanation in FAQs
  • Added cheap THC to the projects section – Outlined the intended design and the hopes to achieve AVTHC at a fraction of what it has cost me in the past.
  • Added explanation of code implemented to disable THC

7/22 Update

  • Added 2.8 Master Branch and Gantry Homing info to Linuxcnc configurations.
  • Added Floating Torch Head details on the FAQ page.
  • Updated Timing Changes in Plasma Configuration Page.

Updates for week of 7/6

  • Added details and parts list for 4×2 budget table.
  • FAQ updates on Ohmic Sensing, Water Pans or other Dust/Smoke Control Methods, Choosing control software: LinuxCNC or Mach, Plasma Cutter Selection.
  • Added cut quality settings section to 4×4 plasma build.
  • Added wiring pinout details for the 4×4 plasma using dual breakout boards.
  • Added parts list for 4×2 plasma.

Site Kickoff


With the abundance of questions I’ve been receiving through Youtube and Instagram I’ve decided to launch a site to share in more detail my past, current, and future CNC (or other related) builds. Check back often as the plan is to start with the knowledge base to answer common questions I’ve seen over the past year or so and post some additional info about all the builds shared to date. If in the future, the site may morph into a storefront based on how things progress but the knowledge-base and table details will always be available.